Q- What if it is raining or really hot, would you still walk my dog?

A- We are happy walking in any weather- HOWEVER not all dogs are. During our free introductory session we will ask you questions about your dog/s - one of which will be about the weather. If it is too hot for a walk or your dog really does not like being out in the rain, we are happy to keep them company and pay them attention with lots of cuddles for the required time instead of a walk- but this will be discussed with you first.


Q- If my dog becomes ill in your care what would you do?

A- From our free introductory session we will already have your emergency contact details and your vets details. We would of course inform you immediately and if necessary take your dog to your vet with your prior consent.


Q- Will you have different commands for my dog and will he get confused?

A- No, we ensure we find out as much as we can about your dog before we start to walk them. During our introductory meeting we will ask you what basic commands you use.


Q- Bags and Treats - Do you provide them?

​A- We will provide bags so that we can clean up any mess left by your dog/s during the walks. We are also happy providing treats for good behaviour during the walks, however we will check that you are happy for us to do so and that the treats we use are compatible with your dog/s.


Q- Accessing my property?

A- We hold keys for all of our current customers properties to enable us to gain access to their dogs. We are fully insured for Key loss and are very careful with labelling your keys (we do not actually put your address details on the keyring- only a code)


Q- Payment options

A- Monthly invoices are provided and payment is to be made by Standing Order, BACS transfer or Cash.


Q- Cancellation policy

A- There is no cancellations fees as long as you provide 48 hours notice. Cancellations within this time may result in 50% of fees being payable.

Use the links below to contact us via phone, e-mail , Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to discuss your and your pets requirement.